furniture with a conscious mindset.

bekind. is more than a furniture brand. It’s a conscious mindset.

It is our guiding principle that makes us build furniture for generations, creating a sustainable world of furniture, free from a throw-away mentality.

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natural materials
local solid wood & linoleum

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German craftsmanship
traditional & modern

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versatile in use
for big and small

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fair production
fair rates


is more than a chair for children
or a stool for adults

from 155 €


is more than a bench
or a desk for children

from 265 €


Give away sustainable joy

from 25 €


Be kind to yourself and to the environment

from 155 €

Designed by dads for the young and the old


100% upcycled - 100% comfortable

from 25 €

Fair production

100% made in Cologne

Multifunctional & timeless

Made to sustain


  • regional, FSC-certified solid wood
  • natural, award-winning linoleum
  • built to last -hand down rather than dispose
  • for kids & adults
  • made by happy carpenters from Cologne
  • packaging free of plastic
  • climate-neutral shipping
  • no retail margins & rents

fair production & fair prices


Ist mehr als ein Stuhl für Kinder oder
Hocker für Erwachsene.


Zu Gast bei Freund:innen.

Stay tuned

All relevant updates about bekind. will reach you first. 

Our carpentry

Our Gesellschaft für Innenraumkultur takes care for good, sustainable interior design since more than 15 years.
We kindly invite you to an inspirational visit.